D Snowdon Computing

A little about me

I am a Computer Science student at Teesside University and have been using and studying various topics around the subject for over 10 years. My journey started on Microsoft Excel while trying to recreate football league tables using basic mathematical functions, on completion I realized the potential Excel allowed for expansion using the more complex formulas. Knowing this and with a lot of trail and error my leagues functionality slowly improved, consequently I got a hang of what I now believe are the fundamental traits of a developer.

A look at some of recent projects


Staged is a application created for the Android platform, our team created this as our second year enterprise project. Although we did not reach our goal of

Payment Manager

This program manages the payments from clients from a service called E-Junkie, I created to provide a solution while working on another project. I now hope to

Builders Mate

Is a estimating software for the construction industry. I worked on this project from the creation of the software through to the creation of the website.

KMS T-Mate

This is the predecessor to Builders Mate, I was involved in the creation of the website and this was the first project I worked on that was live on the internet.

Phoenix Body and Paint

I am currently working on a website for Phoenix Body and Paint, the website should be up and running in the near future.