D Snowdon Computing

A little about me

I study Computer Science at Teesside University and have been passionate about computers for over ten years. I first realized this by combining it with anther passion, football. I tried to recreate a functional league on Microsoft Excel starting with a basic table and adding the formulas for working out points, goal difference and the other basic mathematics, once this was completed I instantly realised the potential for expansion using Microsoft Excels more advanced formulas. With a lot of trial and error I had a fully functional pretend football league, including lots of features, although many of the desired features were not possible or efficient using Excel’s limited functionality. Read More

A look at some recent projects


For our second year univercity project our team had to create a Android application, our idea was to find local bands pl...

Payment Manager

This program manages the payments from a service called E-Junkie, I created it to provide a solution to a problem I foun...

Builders Mate

Estimating software for the construction industry. I worked on this project from the creation of the software through to...

KMS T-Mate

This is the predecessor to Builders Mate, I was involved in the creation of the website and this was the first project I...

Phoenix Body and Paint

This is a website I created for a client, it is located at Read more